Toolbox Talk - R U OK Day

R U OK?Day – Toolbox Talk


As part of our commitment to encourage meaningful conversations in the workplace, CK Recruitment HR Manager Terrie lead an onsite client Toolbox Talk with the aim to bring people together and share the R U OK? message.

Today, Thursday 12 September is R U OK?Day – a day when we’re reminded to ask, “Are you OK?” 

It is a question that we need to ask genuinely and sincerely any time we see the signs someone may be struggling with life’s ups and downs.

Warning signs to look out for include:

– Changes in mood- happy one moment and sad the next

– Giving up hobbies and loss of interest or enjoyment

– Decreasing performance or loss of concentration at work

– Feels of frustration, anger or worthlessness

– writing or talking about death – even joking about it

– Self harming behaviour

By recognising such changes in behaviour and starting a conversation, we can help others who may be vulnerable or at risk to feel supported and appreciated before they begin to entertain contemplations of suicide.

But how do you ask?

Noticed the signs? Start a conversation with these simple steps:


However, if you feel the conversation is becoming too difficult to handle on your own, make sure advise the person to speak with someone better equipped to help or let someone else know who may be in a better position to help or.

You can learn more about the signs and how to ask R U OK? at

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