Temporary & Fixed Term Placement

Placing skilled staff in your organisation to meet
your short-term recruitment needs

Sometimes in your business the need will arise for you to fill a position for a short period of time, or for you to expand your team temporarily to get a project done or to cope with growing demand.

We connect you with reliable staff to meet your individual temporary (8-12 weeks) and fixed term needs, offering you flexibility to fill casual vacancies whilst alleviating the pressure of recruiting your own casual staff and the associated ongoing long-term commitment. We take care of all the administrative work involved in the temporary placement from screening and selection to all aspects of payroll, leaving you to concentrate on your task at hand.

We will work closely with you to determine your needs and find you the perfect staff member to fill that short or fixed term hole in your organisation

Our temporary and fixed term placement rates are competitive and after 12 weeks of temporary placement we stop charging ongoing placement fees. Try before you hire with the option of transferring the employee onto your own payroll after a maximum 12 week period, free of charge.

We’ll keep you supplied with the right human resources, so you can keep your business rolling.

We’re always on the lookout for reliable and skilled staff. If you are interested in temporary and fixed term placement opportunities, that might just help you to land your dream job, get in touch with us.

CK Recruitment is the preferred supplied for Local Government Procurement (LGP) and Procurement Australia (PA).