Labour Hire

Supplying labour for your short and long term needs,
when and where you want.

When you use our labour hire solutions we will supply you with workers on a fee or contract basis as you need. We’ve got a large pool of reliable, screened, qualified skilled and unskilled workers ready to help meet your imminent labour hire needs for short and long term projects. The benefit of labour hire is that you are able to access additional manpower well suited to the task at hand when and as the need arises in your business. And we can do this all at short notice!

Employees hired under labour hire aren’t permanent employees of your business, rather, they are on our books and paid by us. The benefit of this is that you can scale your workforce as you need and concentrate on what you do well. We’ll take care of all the ancillary tasks like payroll, superannuation, workers comp and even some aspects of Workplace Health and Safety (WHS) including the provision of personal protective equipment (PPE).

If you need people at short notice we’ll get the right people to you. Call us to get started.

If you are looking for work, labour hire might be a great option for you. We have a large range of vacancies that we are regularly required to fill, meaning there are many opportunities for you to work and gain experience. It also offers great flexibility.

There are labour hire opportunities across all sorts of work including administration, manual work, construction jobs and many many more. Just ask!

CK Recruitment is the preferred supplied for Local Government Procurement (LGP) and Procurement Australia (PA).