Useful Documents

The following documents will assist clients to successfully integrate new CK Recruitment candidates into the organisation. Using each document will ensure that the process has a positive impact on both candidate and client.


As a host client, timesheets (individual or group) are submitted weekly. Timesheet need to be completed and submitted by no later than 10am each Monday and sent to  Only complete timesheets with appropriate approval will be paid, so it is important that you check your timesheet before submitting it.

Overtime also needs to be approved by an appropriate supervisor prior to being submitted. Timesheets are processed at the start of each week, and generally a candidates pay will be available in their bank account on no later than Thursday (unless there is a public holiday in NSW whereby your pay may be delayed by one day).


Candidate induction and training activities provide CK Recruitment candidates with the information they need to become productive and effective as soon as possible. It also aims to alleviate concerns regarding Work Health and Safety.

Training records can be used to easily identify candidates with specific skills which can help both client and CK Recruitment streamline candidate’s work assignments.


Candidate performance evaluation is also a useful management tool which helps to gain feedback, review and estimate whether a candidate’s performance is effective and if not, discus what changes need to be made for it to become so. A performance evaluation is typically performed by the candidate’s direct supervisor. Writing performance reviews can be made easier by reviewing training records.


The Fair Work Information sheet is designed to provide an easy to understand overview of minimum workplace entitlements. If you require the information in another language besides English, please visit the Fair Work Ombudsman website